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Shopping Online FAQs and Help

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions and Help Topics. If you cannot find an answer to your question here please feel free to contact us.

Is there a minimum quantity required for custom apparel?

There’s no minimum required to order our digitally printed t-shirts -- order one for yourself or one for everyone you know. However, there is a 25-piece minimum for screen printed orders

How long will my order take to arrive?

The average turn-around time for custom screen printing and embroidery is approximately 5 working days from the day your order is placed until it ships. Shipping and transit time vary anywhere from 1-5 days depending on where you live and the quantity purchased.

Strict deadlines or event dates must be advised. Please contact us for any urgent order and expedited production schedules

What's the difference between screen printing and digital printing?

With Digital Printing, your design is printed directly onto the garment using water-based CMYK inks. Like ink jet printers, this technique allows us to print full-color designs. Digital printing allows us to offer custom tees with no minimum order requirement, unlike screen printing, which has a 25-piece minimum.

We offer all styles of printing, including ;

  • Screen Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Sublimation
  • Discharge prints
  • Foil, Metallic, Glitter, Glow in the Dark, Flocking, Rhinestones, Puff
  • Embroidery
  • Vinyl printing
  • Iron On heat Transfers

The different print methods produce different print colour intensities.
Digital Budget printing on white means the ink colour will not "pop" but would be "matt".
Screen printing & Digital Premium printing means the colours will "pop".

Digital printing is usually used for parties, promotions, fun runs and give-aways, etc
while Digital Premium print & Screen printing give the most professional finish and usually used for merchandising.

Merchandising prints must be advised.

Please contact us for Digital Premium and Screen printing quotations.

Can I make changes after my order has been placed?

At T-Shirt Hub, we process orders superfast -- which means, unfortunately, that we can't guarantee that changes can be made after you've submitted your order.

To avoid issues, we recommend double-checking your order before you place it. Of course, if you do happen to make an error on your order, please call us with 24 hours from the time of your order.

Please call, do not email us as the shirts may be near production and a email may not be replied to within the 24 hour period.

What if I need a size or product not listed on your website?

Feel free to give us a call at (02) 955 77 446 before you place your order. We're always happy to help you find alternative sizes or products that we can print on.

How do I delete/remove an item from my shopping cart?

To remove an item from your shopping cart follow these instructions:

From Any Screen

  1. Click the Cart button in the upper right corner of the screen which will show all items currently in your cart.
  2. Click the "X" next to the item you want to remove from your cart.

From the Checkout Screen or on the Designer Screen

  1. Click the "X Remove" link under the item you want to remove


I can't log in to my account?

Things to check.

  1. Make sure you are entering the username and password you used to set up your account. Passwords are case sensitive and if you are unsure of your password you can request to reset it. Don't worry, you can reset it to a password you can remember but keep in mind the harder the password is to guess the harder it is for someone to log on using your account.

  2. Do you have cookies enabled? Cookies are required for the log in system to work and you may have cookies disabled. If you are unsure of what this means then the chances are you have them enabled as they are enabled by default.

How do I update a Delivery Address?

You can store delivery addresses as you make a purchase and if you need to update a delivery address you can do this during the checkout procedure which also give you to the option to save the updates you make to a delivery address.

Why do I need to create an account to save my designs?

In order for us to store your designs or images from third party plugins such as Facebook, Instagram or Bigstock we need to have a place to store this data so you can retrieve it at a later date. We do not use your account details to send you any promotional emails unless you specifically sign up to our mailing lists which is optional.

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