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How to Use the T-Shirt Builder

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Designer Toolbar

The Designer Toolbar is where most options are when creating your design. Below are the two views of the toolbar, one when you are not logged in and one when you are logged in. You will note some functionality is not available when you are not logged in. It's quick and free to create an account (you only need your email and a password). Go to the Login page to Create an Account or Log In.

View of the Designer toolbar .

Designer Toolbar - Row 1 Buttons

Clear Design

If you want to start again this button will clear your design. You will get a warning before the design clears.

Save Design

Click the Save Design button and you can give your design a name so you can load it onto any of our products at a later date or time.

Load Design

If you have any saved designs from previous use of our Designer,  click the Load Design button to load one of your designs.

You will see a list of your saved designs, with the name(s) you gave them. Click on a design you want to load onto the current product, then click the green Load Design button. This will close the slide out window and load the selected design.

Insert Text

To add Text to your T-Shirt, click the Insert Text button in the Designer. Once you have typed in the text that you would like to appear, click the OK button. The text will appear inside the design area on top of your selected product.

To delete the inserted text, click on the text layer then click the Delete Layer button (see above Delete Layer).

Insert Image

If you have an image (photo or graphic) on your computer that you wish to include in your design click the Insert Image button on the Designer toolbar to upload your image/graphic file.

You will see a button to click to Select Files which will open a window for you to search on your computer for the file you want to upload.

Please make sure the image you are uploading is large enough for printing. As a base rule your image should be around 200-300 dpi

Allowed File Types - No Conversion Needed


Allowed File Types - Conversion Required

The following file types are also allowed and are converted to PNGs via a conversion service.

PSD , EPS , AI and PDF (single page only)

Please note that if you upload a file that requires conversion this can take a few minutes to be set to the conversion server and returned.


 Insert Graphic

We have provided some royalty free images that you can use in your design.

To insert a graphic to your design, click the Insert Graphic button on the Designer toolbar.
Next, search by keyword or search by clicking one of the Grpahic Categories to find a graphic you like.
Once you have located your graphic of choice, click the thumbnail then click the green Insert Graphic button at the bottom of the slide out screen.

Image From Facebook

Connect to your facebook account and choose images from your timeline, albums or profile.

Image from Instagram

Connect to your Instagram account and choose images to use in your design.

Edit Options

Image Layers

For image layers you can edit the opacity and then depending on the type of image you will have the ability to either apply a filter (to photos) or change the colour of the image (PNG graphics) that are selected from the Insert Graphic section of the Designer.

Text Layers

There are many options for your text layers, they are:

Colour Change the colour
Opacity Change the opacity
Font Select a different font
Line Height Increase or decrease the line height
Alignment Left, Center or Right aligned
Styling Bold, Italic or Underlined
Curved Text Make your text curvey
Radius Change the radius of curved text
Spacing Increase or decrease the spacing
Reverse Reverse the direction of the text so it can be read in rear vision mirrors


Manage Layers

Every item (graphic, photo, text) you add to your design is called a layer. If you want to remove a layer you can either select the layer by left clicking once on it and then clicking the Delete Layer button on the Designer toolbar. See Delete Layer for more information about Deleting a Layer.

Mange Layers is useful if you have many layers and want to move a layer to the top of the stack or move one further back in the stack of layers.

To change a layer's position in the stack hold down your left mouse button over the move  layer button and drag the layer to its new position.

Delete Layer

To remove a layer from your design, left click once on the layer then click the Delete Layer button on the Designer toolbar. You can also open the Manage Layers pane and delete from there if you have trouble selecting the layer you want to delete.

Duplicate Layer

To duplicate a layer, first select the layer you want to duplicate then click the Duplicate Layer icon on the Designer toolbar.

  Help Screen

This is a link to this help screen

Designer Toolbar - Row 2 Buttons

Undo the previous action

Redo the previous action

Center layer horizontally

Center layer vertically

Flip layer horizontally

Flip layer vertically

Move layer up in the layer stack

Move layer down in the layer stack

Reset layer back to its original position/styles as it was when it was first added.

Zoom in on the design

This slider controls both the zoom and the pan depending on which you have selected.

Pan the design